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There are no expensive course fees, ties or obligations and all of our workshops and events are informal and fun.  Regardless as to whether you want to improve your fitness and health or simply take some relaxing time out, why not call us or check out our class page for a workshop near you.


OROBICS  gentle exercise and relaxation practices improve fitness, release tension, encourage mindfulness and have a calming and remedial effect on all parts of our mind and body.     

Stretch  is a seated adaption of the Orobics  exercise program, designed to suit people with limited mobility who want to maintain their health and well-being through an effective and enjoyable fitness program.


  Better health, fitness, posture, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. And best of all......it's fun.

Whatever your age or fitness level,

Orobic exercises can also help to maintain healthier respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal systems, while recent studies show that exercise programs of this nature improve memory, focus and mind/body coordination.

Because we are all different, Orobic exercises are designed to be adaptable and put less strain on our muscles, joints and cardiovascular system than many other more vigorous exercise regimes.

So if you have tried to improve your fitness with other programs but found them just that bit too strenuous to stick to, an Orobics class may be your

way to a healthier mind and body.